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Seeing Is Believing    



Virtual Tours Bring Listings To Life!

Engage buyers and delight sellers. 3-D Virtual Tours are the most realistic, immersive way to experience a property online.

Welcome to the always open open-house. Our 3-D Virtual Tours transport people into properties and lets them explore like never before. 3-D Tours are easy to share on desktop, mobile, and virtual reality devisces. That means that anyone can have an open-house experience anywhere.

Using Matterport's 3-D scanning technology, our Fox Foto staff digitally recreates properties, transforming them into Virtual Tours. Scanning a home involved placing a camera in dozens of positions around a house. The camera rotates 360 degrees in each spot to capture 2-D and 3-D data. The scans are then uploaded to a cloud-processing platform where they are stitched into full Virtual Tours. Scanning a 3,000 square foot home takes about two hours.

Who are these tours for?

Out-of-town buyers: Buyers are always looking for more information, and only so much can be conveyed using fact sheets and 2-D photos. The 3-D data is most helpful for clients who can't personally visit the home. Virtual Tours give remote buyers the opportunity to see exactly what they would see if they were present, but from their computer or smart phone.

Sellers concerned with privacy: Not everyone wants stangers walking through their home. Virtual Tours cut down on foot traffic and attract buyers who are ready to make offers. With 3-D Virtual Tours buyers get a better sense of the home's proportions than they do from 2-D photos. They have a better idea of what they will see when they visit the home in person. It helps them make a decision earlier, so when they do tour the home in person they tend to be more serious buyers.

Want more information? Call our photographer, Howard Nathan: 832-594-6217